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WOW! What a crazy month it’s been!

Well. I have been very busy (<— understatement). I can’t believe it’s almost been an entire month since I had the little peanut head! May has completely flown past me and I’m just now realizing that the month is almost over.

Thankfully I have had plenty of visitors and helpers this month otherwise I don’t think I would still be standing! Things are finally starting to settle down though and I THINK I’m getting into the groove of things. It’s almost as if I’ve forgotten how newborns are. I mean, Malakai is already 2 so I guess that’s enough time  for all my infant know-how to go out the window. But MAAAAAAAAAAANNNN. It’s been kinda rough.

Did you know that babies poop & spit up A LOT? Did you know that babies want to be held 24/7? Getting things done around our apartment has been difficult. In fact, just a few minutes before I started writing this I was crying to Ian about how I couldn’t make dinner because the babies have been keeping me busy all day and so I didn’t have time to do the dishes. BUT, despite all the craziness around here we are SO HAPPY about our newest edition to our little family.

Mal a bit of a struggle adjusting to the new baby. Phrases like: “Mama, no baby!” and “Mama, baby couch” were things he said on an almost daily basis whenever I was holding her (which was most of the time). Luckily he’s gotten over that phase and constantly wants to kiss and hug her. It’s really sweet. He’s been trying to be very helpful too, like grabbing me a diaper when she needs a new one (and sometimes when she doesn’t, but he thinks she does) and giving her a pacifier. He’s an AWESOME big brother! 🙂

I took that the first week…I’ve been really slacking with picture taking. I’ll take more, I promise.


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My fairy tale photo shoot  & my photo shoot with my cousin Sierra were the last photo shoots I can do until I have the baby. I’m tired. I can’t be on my feet getting myself into awkward positions to find the perfect angle. At least not when someone is relying on me to last more than 10 minutes. So from now on, most of the pictures I am going to post until sometime in May (when I overload you with pictures of my new baby girl!!!) are going to be of Malakai. Or Sadie (my dog). Or Ian (husband). Basically, you are going to be attacked with pictures of my family…and there’s nothing you can do about it.

For those who don’t know, I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant. I actually just did the math today to get the exact week (I’ve done a terrible job at paying attention to that stuff) and I was completely shocked to realize that I only have 9 weeks left to go! It’s very exciting. Luckily, my doctor didn’t put me on bed rest (YAY!) so for these next few weeks, Malakai can enjoy being an only child and have my full attention!

After having a 3 hour Blue’s Clues marathon, Malakai ever so politely walked over to me as I was cleaning up after lunch and demanded, “SIDE! SIDE! SIDE!” while pointing at the sliding glass door. Lately I’ve been reluctant to take him outside because it’s been windy and cold, but today was actually really nice (plus the lighting was AMAZING!) so we spent the afternoon in our backyard and had a mini photo shoot. 🙂 He picked flowers for me!

This is our tree trunk. Recently, during the giant storm that hit So Cal, one of the giant branches from our tree in the backyard attacked our fence. We heard a loud crashing noise and came out to find a good portion of our fence had been taken out by the tree and they had to cut it down. The thing was dying/rotten and hideous anyway, and I kinda like the way our backyard looks without it. But yeah. Pretty crazy!

After playing outside (forever), we came back in and Mal did some more posing for me! (have you noticed that he LOVES wearing clothes??)

This picture was an accident, but I actually kinda like the way it turned out! 🙂

And last, but not least, little Malakai demanded to take pictures himself (“Mama, I seeeee! I seeee!” while pointing at his eye and then to the camera…how could I say no to that?!) so I let him. Believe it or not, he actually holds the camera up to his  eye like he sees me doing. He’s very meticulous about it. I have to help him push the button though. Anyway, usually his pictures are blurry or overexposed or of me making a really weird face, but today he actually took a cool picture!

So there ya  have it. My little boy is amazing. Once I’m done being pregnant, I will certainly do more posts about photo shoot I am doing, but for now you’re just going to have to enjoy my family stuff. 🙂

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For awhile my husband and I were having a really difficult time putting our toddler, Malakai, down for bed. He would scream, kick, cry, and fight us tooth & nail every step of the way. Naturally, this was extremely frustrating for the both of us (especially since I’m currently pregnant & hormonal).  But! Thankfully we have finally gotten him on a normal schedule and now putting him to bed is my absolute FAVORITE! Instead of the kicking and screaming and fighting and crying, he is talking to us and telling us every single story he can remember. Since he’s not talking in complete sentences yet, we can only pick out a few words here and there. Tonight it was all about how it rained all day, and how he threw his favorite stuffed animal (a little puppy he named Row Row) and mommy & daddy told him no and he cried, how his Papu (grandpa) showed him a video game and people screamed (one of those “build this thing correctly or all these people in this train plummet to their death” games, you know…). You get the picture. Anyway, it’s one of the sweetest things in the world and one of the many things that I love about being a mommy!

Andddddd, here’s some of my latest pictures of my adorable & amazing little boy. Ya know, since this is a photo blog and stuff. 🙂

See? I told you he was adorable and amazing.

EDIT: I hate how WordPress compress my files and they look so icky when you click on them. Anyone know how to fix this, or is this the price I pay for using a free blog site? In the meantime, I will post onto my Flickr like I usually do.

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Last weekend, not only did I do a Fairy Tale photo shoot but I also did a photo shoot with my cousin Sierra. I was really excited to shoot her because she LOVES the camera! Not to mention, she is beautiful!

As soon as I picked up my camera, this girl knew what to do at all times. All of her smiles were so genuine! This was the first shoot I have done with a child that was not my own, and even though she’s related to me I was a little nervous…but I quickly realized that I had nothing to worry about because this little girl knew exactly what to do in front of the camera. America’s Next Top Model, watch out!

The rest of the set can be seen on my Flickr!

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